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June 2011 Barbeque at S&R Performance

A few years back, I bought a brand new GReddy Ti-C cat back exhaust for my Mitsubishi Lancer. The day it arrived, I was under the...
By  August 5, 2011

Enough Art… Now For Some Hooning!

I’ve had some really nice posts on here lately, not to toot my own horn, as far as photography goes. But what I...
By  July 18, 2011

The Anti-Stance: R32 GT-R drag car

This R32 Nissan GT-R, seen at the Straight Stance show, was what I would consider the antithesis of stance, a drag car with stock...
By  June 22, 2011

Straight Stance: Low Low Flush Show V.1

To quote the title of the old Monty Python spinoff, “and now for something completely different.” As I mentioned...
By  June 17, 2011