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On the weekend before last I started getting the Miata on the road to better health with multiple coolant flushes. The system was...
By  February 12, 2013

Who Gets A Sunburn In January!?

Who gets a sunburn in January? I do, that’s who. This morning we drove out to pick up our new (to us) Miata and I refused...
By  January 23, 2013

Rummaging for a Roadster (updated)

My obsession with the little red roadsters has hit full boil recently. Just a couple of months ago, I was talking about how I...
By  January 21, 2013

Straight Stance: Low Low Flush Show V.1

To quote the title of the old Monty Python spinoff, “and now for something completely different.” As I mentioned...
By  June 17, 2011