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August Cars and Coffee at duPont REGISTRY

Last week I shared some photos on Instagram I’d taken at the August Cars and Coffee event at duPont REGISTRY. I’d...
By  August 28, 2017

Looking back at Amelia Island’s Cars & Coffee

Last month’s Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance was this author’s first attendance to the event and it was...
By  April 15, 2016

Florida Bug Jam 2015: Bug Wars

Many of you can probably remember when Volkswagen was known more for making small, cheap, ubiquitous cars with character, known...
By  November 17, 2015

VICE SQUAD ’72 Crashes Vintage Alfa/Porsche Rally in a classic Pontiac

When Petrolicious invited the auto elite to the Drive Tastefully: Barker Hangar Rally, they expected Magnus Walker 911s and...

August 2012: Back to The Auto Collections!

I recently spent a week in Las Vegas. This was my second trip to Las Vegas and in this first article about the trip, I’ve...
By  September 16, 2012