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One Final Look Back At 2016

It’s important to focus on the positive each year, and 2016 has been a very momentous one for me here at HOONART. In this...
By  December 31, 2016

Rental Car Review: The 2015 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible

I recently got the chance to drive the new S550 Ford Mustang out in California for a few days. It was not a press vehicle or even...
By  July 18, 2016

I’ve Been a Lousy Car Owner, But This Weekend, That Changed

Back in my late teens through twenties, I’d wash and wax whatever car I owned every two or three weeks, even if it was a...
By  May 23, 2016

(Car) Culture Shock: A First-Timer’s Account of the Daytona 500

NASCAR is a form of motorsport that often gets a bad rap from some car enthusiasts. It’s easy to dismiss it as a dull overload...
By  February 25, 2016

A Potential Upside to Volkswagen’s Diesel Downfall?

When it came to light last Friday that Volkswagen had been circumventing U.S. environmental standards through a software...
By  September 23, 2015

Alex Roy Discusses the Autonomotive Singularity

[Alex Roy debates where we’re headed as a driving and eventually non-driving culture, and what that could mean for...
By  September 8, 2015

Why Ferrari Engineers Don’t Like Turbos

[The subject of turbocharging came up again over the weekend, when Porsche announced that the 911 was going all turbo. There was...
By  September 8, 2015

A Strangely Apt Comparison of Scion to Geo

Imagine if you will. The world’s largest and most consistently successful automaker is in deep trouble. Not because of profits,...
By  August 21, 2015

Google Unveils Exciting and Terrifying Future of Automated Driving, in a Cute Package

I mull over the positive, negative, and possible unexpected side effects of an automated driving future after the jump. From the...
By  May 29, 2014