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Tampa Bay Miatas Skyline Meet

This week I was invited to attend a Miata meet in Tampa hosted by the Tampa Bay Miatas club. After the end of this final crazy...
By  May 28, 2016

I’ve Been a Lousy Car Owner, But This Weekend, That Changed

Back in my late teens through twenties, I’d wash and wax whatever car I owned every two or three weeks, even if it was a...
By  May 23, 2016

The old TG trio is Now the GT Trio: Clarkson, Hammon, and May on The Grand Tour

This morning the news came out that the name of the new automotive TV show starring Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and...
By  May 11, 2016

Corvette Spotting Makes A Bad Day Better

Not the most surprising title ever, but it proved fitting on the weekend before last, when I spotted an early C3 Corvette...
By  May 3, 2016 is live!

After months of working on and planning this, I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new website, now live at here at...
By  May 2, 2016