Passionate car people seek to be around cars and talk shop. Even if they can’t daily drive their favorite cars, they still want to feel connected to driving. HoonArt presents a thoughtfully curated feed of eye-catching first-hand experiences, providing auto enthusiasts with an escape from their daily routine by promoting the thrills of back road driving, spotting rare cars, discovering new motorsport destinations, and restoring a project car, all with a twist of humor.

In a market atmosphere where electronic entertainment has in many ways supplanted analog driver involvement, HoonArt seeks to celebrate the cars which defy this trend and to look back at those that came before, which foster a love for driving. Specifically, this is often dealing with sports cars. We encourage a motorist lifestyle by inspiring a love for driving.

Likewise, our online publication serves as a potential media outlet for companies seeking to reach that enthusiast audience to sell products that can benefit those readers and boost vendor’s sales.

Our typical reader would be male, between 18 and 45 years of age, who is familiar with automotive maintenance, and enjoys driving outside the 9 to 5 routine to explore driving roads first hand. He may also belong to an autocross group and enjoys following motorsports.

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