Checking out the Porsche corral at 2017 Rolex 24

By  February 4, 2017
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In big races such as the Rolex 24, there are car corrals where one can check out groups of cars of a particular make. This year, we’re focusing on Porsche, because, well… they’re beautiful and we were either unable to find, or did not have access to (hello, Corvettes) any of the other corrals. So let’s jump in.

If you follow my Instagram, you might be familiar with this highly customized 964. It sports carbon fiber bodywork, Racing Dynamics wheels, and supposedly makes around 950hp. This is actual composed of two shots stitched together in Photoshop, so that I was able to set the polarizer in more than one position. I don’t typically remove anything from a shot, but in this case I’ve removed a pole just for the sake of aesthetics.

I originally spotted this RWB “Ichiban Boshi” in traffic, pulling into Daytona International Raceway, but I was too busy behind the wheel to capture a photo at the time. I was able to get a much better look in the corral. We recently covered the unveiling of a 993, known as Kei Kishi. This time we’ve got a 964 turbo that hails from Atlanta.

The cut out is very reminiscent of the factory Porsche 935 race cars.

You don’t see 944 Turbos very often, and this one was fitted with a splitter and a big scoop to feed the intercooler. This is another shot composed of two polarizer positions, and with a pole removed from the background. Black cars can be a real challenge to make look right on camera.

One of Porsche’s best as of late, the Cayman GT4. And reflected in the flanks of this track beast can be seen…

…a classic 914!

I actually spotted this 993 much later out in the front parking area of the track. Although this 993 appears to be a GT2, it is actually a very well done GT2 clone, or “tribute” as the owner calls it. With prices of a real GT2 being over a million dollars, something like this can be made for far less, and can cater to the owner’s individual driving tastes. For instance, this 993 is fitted with a roll bar, a 996 3-spoke steering wheel, as well as aftermarket tachometer, shift knob, and hand brake. Looks just like the real thing except one wouldn’t have to risk destroying a rare vehicle taking it to the track.

The only real giveaway that this was a tribute to the GT2 (and only to the few who know), is that the back says “GT2.” A real GT2 Would say “911 GT” on the back. I honestly didn’t know this off hand, but was able to figure it out with the help of some friends.

Even though I only seemed to be able to get into one corral, as you can see, it definitely wasn’t a let down. Be sure to follow us as we have more new photos and video to share from the Rolex 24 in the next few days.

Text and Photography by Bryce Womeldurf
Copyright 2017 HOONART/Bryce Womeldurf