Tampa Bay Miatas Skyline Meet

By  May 28, 2016
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This week I was invited to attend a Miata meet in Tampa hosted by the Tampa Bay Miatas club. After the end of this final crazy spring semester and attending several races and a Concours, I hadn’t attended any car events, so it would be a good opportunity to see what everyone was up to with their cars. The title might be a little confusing if you were expecting Nissan Skylines, but instead the downtown Tampa skyline would serve as a backdrop for the meet. Seventeen Mazdas attended, sixteen of which were MX-5 (and one Mazda 3). There weren’t any of the new ND generation present this time around, just NA, NB, and NC, with most being NA. Two M-Editions and one ’93LE. Here are some of the cars that I know a little about.




This ’92 is sporting everyone’s favorite Miata wheel, the 6UL by 949 Racing. It’s built for competition, with a turbo, coilovers, a roll bar, and race seats. And those are just the upgrades that I know about.


Some may know this rare and tastefully modified 1993 Limited Edition Miata from This is one of only 1500 black and red Miatas produced.


The Spinnywhoosh Miata was of course in attendance, owned by Scotty of Spinnywhoosh, who had graciously invited me. I always liked the (Enkei RPF1?) wheels and complementing graphics on this car.


This shot of fellow wayward Miata owner Tyler’s ’95 was probably my favorite shot of the bunch. I only wish the sun had stayed there for longer than a few seconds. It was peeking out just around the corner of the building.


This Miata having an extra lug nut hints that something is not quite stock here…



V8 swap! Jim, the owner, also told me a little about the car. Power is sent to the back through a rear end from a Thunderbird Super Coupe. The hubs came from two other cars as well. It’s got a lot of power for how subtle it looks.


I remember seeing this NA with the polished hood at the previous meet I attended out on Davis Island.


I really liked the bronze wheels on this early NA. The white paint appears original and was in pretty nice shape. If it is a respray, it looks like they did a good job.


It wasn’t a very long meet, with only about 30 minutes between the time stamp of my first photo taken and my last, but Miatas continued to show up throughout.


The custom painted fender is a nice touch on this early NA.


This minty green NA had some custom carbon fiber parts made by the owner, with carbon headlight housings, green demon eye headlights, and carbon turn signal indicators.

On my ’95, I don’t have much to report at the moment. It needs brakes and then shocks, but since I lack the funds, I’m just driving it a lot; preserving the pads with smooth driving and engine braking for now. I am this close to finally reassembling my passenger side mirror and reattaching it, as well as rebuilding the AC vents, and changing the stereo head unit. Most of the last couple weekends were spent giving the Volkwagen it’s first wash, wax, and detailing in several months and helping a family member move house. Hopefully by the next meet I’ll have a few of the details buttoned up on the Miata and give it a good wash and wax.

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Text and Photography by Bryce Womeldurf
Copyright 2016 HOONART/Bryce Womeldurf