Mazda inches toward offering a permanent hardtop MX-5 with the introduction of the targa RF

By  March 23, 2016
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VoxMX5RFpreview[ Tuesday evening, just one year after unveiling the new ND fourth generation MX-5, Mazda unveiled an almost-but-not-quite hardtop MX-5 Miata in the form of the new targa-topped MX-5 RF at the New York Auto Show. Miata enthusiast sites that I’ve visited seem to love it, while others see this as not quite the permanent hard top that they wanted. However, with today’s extremely shrunken market of drop top vehicles, it’s hardly surprising that Mazda would not want to give up some ability for open air motoring. The Verge has a nice piece out about it this morning, with photos and video, that I’m re-sharing here. What do you think of this new MX-5 RF? – Bryce Womeldurf ]

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The Mazda Miata has a new, hardtop brother: a targa called the Mazda MX-5 RF.

In front of a packed house of journalists in a Chelsea loft, Mazda execs rolled out the car, which looks exactly like what you’d expect (only a lot, lot better) — a Mazda Miata with a hardtop, but with a gorgeously complicated targa roof retraction mechanism. And oh, is it gorgeous. (more…)