A History of Seinfeld’s Porsches Selling at Amelia

By  March 8, 2016
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jerry_seinfelds_1955_porsche_550_spyder-for_sale_mhIf you are a fan of Porsche, and you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the last month, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard about the upcoming Seinfeld collection grouping of cars coming up for auction at the Gooding & Co. Amelia Island sale later this week. Many sites have shown you the list of cars, but no other site out there is showing you the in-depth behind-the-scenes of each Porsche in the lot list. So here we go, a car-by-car dissection of the cars Jerry is selling this week. Gooding & Co. have set the pre-auction estimate for the entire Seinfeld collection between $25 and $32+ Million US Dollars. If you want one, you’d better warm up your bidding paddle hand now! (more…)