Setting 3 Records on 3 Wheels in 1 Wonderfully Miserable Trip from LA to NY

By  November 21, 2015
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[This is without a doubt the best thing I have read all week, so I decided to re-share it here. Zach Bowman recounts in immersive and poetic detail how he and Alex Roy drove from Los Angeles to New York in a Morgan 3-Wheeler. In case you’re unfamiliar with the 3-Wheeler, it’s a 3-wheeled kit car with a wooden frame. A 3-wheeled kit car that’s as raw and fun as they come. This is equal parts hilarious, miserable, and awesome. Hat tip to Kamil Kaluski. Enjoy the read. – Bryce Womeldurf]

Zach Bowman in the Morgan 3 WheelerText by Zach Bowman
Re-shared from The Drive

The shapes have arrived. Dark and ragged at the edges of my eyesight, they’re fast and vicious, wolves or horses or hawks or humans flicking at the headlights and rippling through the Oklahoma treetops. I knew they’d be here. Fatigue plays cruel with your eyes and mind; when one goes, the other follows, dragging reality down, too. I try not to react when the shadows splash across the road and vanish, but they kick my heart in. I can feel it hammering under the five layers of synthetics and cotton piled up against the cold and the rain and the forgotten hours of the dark morning. I tell myself they’re just hallucinations, as if going mad is less terrifying than what I see. I stand on the throttle and pray the fuel runs out before I do. (more…)