A Weekend With Pan Speed

By  September 19, 2015
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‘Passion’ is what the Rotary Meeting was all about at Maze Circuit this past weekend.

panspeed_thmThe Rotary & Roadster Meeting at Sendai Hi-Land was an event I truly enjoyed going to. Run by Pan Speed and a few other shops in the Japanese Mazda scene, it was a fine occasion to hunt both familiar cars and fresh machines that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to see at events like 7’s Day. But then Sendai Hi-Land got closed down.

The 2011 earthquake set the wheels in motion for the circuit’s demise, and spiralling costs to keep it running eventually saw its owners pull the pin. It’s a real pity too, because it was a great track – one that I had the opportunity to drive a few times when Nissan held R35 GT-R events up there. But as the saying goes, all good things have to eventually come to an end, and this was very much one of them.

Ever since, Pan Speed has been on the lookout for a substitute venue. (more…)

Re-shared from Speedhunters, Text and photography by Dino Dalle Carbonare