Alex Roy Discusses the Autonomotive Singularity

By  September 8, 2015
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[Alex Roy debates where we’re headed as a driving and eventually non-driving culture, and what that could mean for automotive enthusiasts. This was a good one. It starts on a bit of a downer, and I don’t want to spoil it, but the ending is pretty good. – Bryce Womeldurf]

Wooley_thmElon Musk believes in it. So does Uber’s Travis Kalanick. The Autonomotive Singularity is inevitable. It is the enemy of enthusiast car culture as it stands, but only as we know it. If we come to understand it, it might just be the best thing ever for car enthusiasts. Might.

I’m interested in the future of driving itself, which is why I lie in bed at night wondering if Elon Musk is right.

If you truly love driving, you need to understand the Autonomotive Singularity, and that means you have to stop ignoring it and accept it. (more…)

Re-shared from Jalopnik, Text by Alex Roy. Top Graphic credit Sam Woolley.