Another HKS Legend in the Making: HKS R35

By  August 2, 2015
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hks-gtr-1000-35-800x533This is HKS’s time attack GT-R and it’s currently the fastest R35 to ever lap circuits like Fuji Speedway and Sydney Motorsport Park. It’s quite an interesting creation in that it has reached these accolades without much use of aero – something that over the last few years has completely taken over the time attack scene at both a pro and amateur level. Could the car go faster if it had a dedicated aerodynamically-sculpted exterior? Most definitely. It would probably go much faster…

But that’s besides the point. HKS is a company that specialises in making engine and tuning parts, and therefore its demo cars must first and foremost show what these components are capable of. Downforce doesn’t enter the equation – it’s all about raw power, and when it comes to this R35 – quite a lot of it. (more…)

Re-shared from Speedhunters, Text and Photography by Dino Dalle Carbonare