Jaguar Builds New Old E-Types… Confused?

By  August 15, 2015
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EType_thmThis project has been, and continues to be, one that I still shake my head in shock at the thought of landing. Since January, I’ve been following the build of the six Lightweight E-types that Jaguar are building, right from their beginnings in body in white, all the way to the shake down and hand over to the owner. The guys I get to work with are some of the funniest/smartest/daftest/sarcastic/nicest blokes I’ve ever worked with and I love every time I get to visit the workshops. It’s an absolute honour to work with these chaps and now call some of them mates, and I can’t wait to see the rest of these amazing cars built.

I really hope this (very long album) helps show you viewers the epic detail and precision of work that goes into these beautiful machines. (more…)

Re-shared from Amy Shore Photography. Text and Photography by Amy Shore.