Why Your Creative Writing Professor Hates V8s

By  July 30, 2015
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1975 CamaroYou’re in Creative Writing I at a moderately priced State College Degree-Mill. You’re a Computer Science major who is required to take an English class so the college can extrude more money from you or your parents or the GI Bill. Whatever. It’s an easy A as long as you echo your professor’s opinions back to him in your papers.

But your 41-year-old, VW Jetta-driving, weak-handshaking, sarcasm-slinging professor, Dr. Recuahc, just made it hard. Can you believe this? Here’s your assignment:

“You are to examine an artifact from your childhood and explore its transformative properties which influenced your growth as an individual and cultural critic in a post 9/11 world.”

Translation: Write about something you liked when you were 10. (more…)

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