Sorting Through the Nürburgring’s New Speedlimits

By  June 19, 2015
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Speed sign on the NurburgringThe words “speedlimit” and “racetrack” should never really come together. But since the tragic incident in VLN1, they’ve become an unwelcome reality in all DMSB racing events on the Nordschleife.

We hoped that they would be a temporary fix, a band-aid over the wound caused by just one car having a freak accident. But with speedtraps and redflags on a trackday this week, it looks like now they’re here for everybody.

In the latest print issue of Sport Auto, Marcus Schurig wrote an excellent column on the issue, but also admitted that Sport Autos famous ‘superlap’ laptimes are subject to the same (arguably ridiculous) rules.

What does that mean? Who will it affect? Let’s find out… (more…)

Re-shared from Bridge to Gantry, Text and Photography by Dale Lomas.