Impermanence, Fathers, and a ’67 MGB 

By  June 21, 2015
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MGBYou know your dad isn’t forever, right? I remember the first time I realized he wouldn’t always be there – a sudden drop in weight thanks to a hyperactive thyroid thinned Dad out, made him seem less substantial. He bounced back of course, but it shook me up for a while. He was always just there, the rock, the oak, the sounding board and the guy who could fix anything. But not forever.

Earlier this year, we took a trip together in his 1967 MGB, a car we’ve owned since I was about eight months old. We went the distance together, dealing with the odd mechanical issue (it’s a British car: they don’t like Irishmen having too much fun), talking about the past, looking to the future. (more…)

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