Don’t Miss Out on One of the Best Driving Days of the Year

By  February 1, 2014
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While much of the country is obsessed with handegg in the Super Bowl this weekend, I’m urging you to get out of the house, away from the boob tube and get in touch with your throttle pedal. This Sunday will be one of the best days to drive this year in the United States, period. Why? Well, the handegg obsessed will be busy worrying about who makes the most touchdowns, who the most valuable player is, things like that, and the roads will be desolate. The perfect conditions for driving. It doesn’t matter if it’s still snowing up where you are, go out (assuming you’ve got adequate tires) and enjoy the roads! Because come Monday, we’ll all be back in traffic again, on the way to our jobs, wishing it were once again that one solitary Sunday.

Cheers and drive safe my friends.

Text and photography by Bryce Womeldurf