Who Gets A Sunburn In January!?

By  January 23, 2013
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View ArticleWho gets a sunburn in January? I do, that’s who. This morning we drove out to pick up our new (to us) Miata and I refused to be dissuaded from driving with the top down all the way home… for an hour and a half… on the interstate in low sixty degree weather. Here are some photos that my wife took along the way.

We picked up the car this morning (technically yesterday on the East coast now) and took it around the corner to fill it up. The difference in size between our two cars was a bit shocking. I mean, I knew a Miata was small, but it makes our Rabbit look like a minivan and I’d always thought of the Rabbit as a small car too.

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I looked like a guy riding in a roller skate.

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It’s the pink bluetooth headset that really brings it all together.

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Waiting at a light on the way home from work this evening.

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In it’s new home in the garage tonight. I got the garage cleaned up pretty well last night. Didn’t sleep too well afterward but it was worth it.

Well, in case you missed the big update and announcement in the previous post, I just purchased this 1995 Mazda Miata and am going to be fixing it up. Special thanks go out to my wife Nina for helping to make this happen. And also thank you again to John Louros and John Stasny for the helpful advice. I am now really exhausted and for some reason I have a big vein sticking out of the side of my eye, so I will leave you for now and say goodnight.