Down on the Street: Mercury Comet Custom

By  July 16, 2012
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While on a coffee run, I stumbled upon this old Mercury Comet Custom. According to what I’ve found online, this is most likely a 1963 model. According to Wikipedia, this either has a 101hp straight 6 engine or optional 2 barrel carb equipped 164hp V8 engine for which the chassis and suspension were redesigned to accomodate that year. This one looks to be in pretty fine condition despite a little surface rust on the chrome bumpers and some trim pieces that have come a little loose with age (the owner had painted both “Custom” badges on to the front fenders to prevent them from falling off). Another neat example of a rare car that is still being driven on the street and in this case, in the rain (I had too shoot quick, because it was beginning to pour), just as Mercury intended.