Down on the Street: Power to Weight Edition

By  February 22, 2012
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I spotted this sweet little Lotus Elise this morning on the way to work and just had to share it (check out the custom plate after the jump).

When you don’t see these cars for a while, you forget just how tiny they are compared to just about everything else on the road. I saw this little car, and immediately it disappeared behind an Interstate Battery truck, so I gave chase. I got the windows down just as we were getting close to it, and just in time to hear the exhaust crackle as the driver downshifted. It’s sounds like these that put a smile on your face.

As much as I’ve heard about how impractical and potentially dangerous these cars can be, I still can’t help wanting one of these some day. Maybe it’s the curves, maybe it’s ‘dat crackle, perhaps the raw driving experience, or maybe I’m just crazy. Sometimes passion outweighs logic, and this is one of those times.

Power to Weight Ratio as defined by Wikipedia for those that don’t get the reference