Dirty, Flirty, Thirty!

By  September 1, 2010
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I turned 30 today. I did as little as possible. Outside of videogames, it was pretty unproductive. All in all, a good, quiet day. I finally got the Lancer fixed (mostly), just the motor mounts left to revert back to stock. I was so lazy today, I didn’t even bother to turn my own wrench. I paid someone else to do it all, lol. I’ll discuss this Lancer more in the coming weeks. It’s gone through quite a transformation from geek (rental car) to chic (corner carver). I’m sadly having to sell her. She’s been a reliable car, but I think it’s time for her to go on to another owner who can drive the snot out of her. My wife and I work in the same building and commute together, in the newer VW. The Lancer just sits, waiting to be hooned. I’m going to try to find the best person for this car. I’d rather see some kid drive the hell out of it and end up wrapping it around a tree (and surviving unharmed of course) than to have the car sit and rot away to nothing in a garage or a car park. Cars are meant to be driven, not to be stored.Lancer Image 1